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From a Certain Point of View

From a Certain Point of View is a janky, fast slow, exciting mundane, mess of utterly delightful stories. Writers can read it and remember that every character is a work in progress with origin and destination and self-importance too. Everyone can read it and look a little more carefully at strangers in traffic or in the grocery store or on the side walk and remember that their experience is just as real and vital as your own.

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Review: Honor Among Thieves by S.A. Corey

TLDR: Honor Among Thieves is more delightful Star Wars nonsense by writers that know their craft. When I heard that the Expanse guys had written a Star War, I was like, yes please! And I was not disappointed. Honor Among Thieves has heart and the authors have nailed Han Solo's roguish charm by remembering that… Continue reading Review: Honor Among Thieves by S.A. Corey

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The Worldbuilding of Altered Carbon

TLDR: Contrast, descriptions, and single-sentence "flashbacks" can be used to build the world and character backstory. Altered Carbon has a four star review on Goodreads while also getting a lot of criticism for its graphic violence, lengthy sex scenes that contribute little to the plot, and its unabashedly male gaze. I personally enjoyed Altered Carbon,… Continue reading The Worldbuilding of Altered Carbon

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My Three Keys for Writing Success

TLDR: The three keys for writing success (or any success really): practice, seek knowledge, challenge yourself. In my opinion, there are three keys for writing success (or any success really). To grow and develop, it's best to intermingle these three activities: Practice Learn Stretch Practice is where you cement the skills you have learned. Practice… Continue reading My Three Keys for Writing Success

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The Details

TLDR: When it comes to writing, what you do is less important than how you do it. I read (or am reading) three very different books recently. First, Hey Ladies by Moss and Markowitz, in which eight oblivious, self-centered friends arrange social events over email and make horrible life choices. Second, Zero Sum Game by… Continue reading The Details