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Fantasy & Science Fiction

TLDR: For some great short science fiction, check out Freezing Rain, A Chance of Falling by L.X. Beckett, Morbier by R.S. Benedict, and the Intergalactic Medicine Show. A while back I got a two year subscription to Fantasy & Science Fiction (F&SF) magazine so I could immerse myself in short fiction that sells and better… Continue reading Fantasy & Science Fiction


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Call for Submissions

TLDR: Inspire yourself with themed submissions and looming deadlines! There's nothing more inspiring than a deadline, hence this whole NaNoWriMo craze. As a teacher I prefer JuJuWriMos (June July Writing Months) myself. If a novel isn't your style, just released 19 themed submission calls. I recently subscribed to their free newsletter and I'm already… Continue reading Call for Submissions

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Short Story Analysis: Twelve-Step Program for Quitting My Life

TLDR: I analyze a piece of flash fiction. Short fiction doesn't get as much attention as novels for some reason, perhaps it's the difficulty in separating the vein of good stuff from the surrounding rock. Perhaps it's the difficulty inherent in selling the short stuff, though I'd have thought that e-readers would have helped more… Continue reading Short Story Analysis: Twelve-Step Program for Quitting My Life

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Submission Blues

TLDR: I have feelings about submitting stories for publication. I have submitted two short stories for publication in the past two weeks. This process has all the anxiety of online dating mixed with interviewing for a job. I submitted the first story to a publisher that accepts work up to 1500 words long, but prefers… Continue reading Submission Blues