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Expansion and Compression

TLDR: Revision (and small scale editing) is a process of  expansion/embellishment and compression/cutting. The last two weeks I've talked about the Snowflake Method, essentially addressing high level planning and revision, but suppose you have written your story, ironed out logical inconsistencies, and your characters' motivations are clear. In that case it's time for the nitty… Continue reading Expansion and Compression


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Snowflake Method 2

TLDR: Accepting imperfection doesn't mean abandoning the goal of perfection. I've finished step 8 of the Snowflake Method. The ending was a big challenge. I rewrote the outline of the ending multiple times, trying on different mixtures of events and characters to see what produced the most drama. After that I looked at what I… Continue reading Snowflake Method 2

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The Snowflake Method

TLDR: Planning a novel isn't any easier than writing one, but it might save you time in the long run. I was once a curmudgeonly writer like you. Writing is fun, I said! Creating is fun! Planning? That takes all the fun and surprise out of it. And it wasn't like I hadn't tried the… Continue reading The Snowflake Method

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The First Revision

TLDR: Ignore word choice and sentence structure, in order to focus your first revision on the big picture. If you write by the seat of your pants like I do, a finished first draft looks more like a ball of yarn the cat has been playing with than a tightly wound knot securing the sails… Continue reading The First Revision