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How to (stay motivated to) Write (consistently)

TLDR: Don't set arbitrary goals. Use music to find a flow. Ignore my advice and find what works best for you. It's hard to write with the constant barrage of horrifying news: protesters disappearing in Hong Kong, protesters attacked by police in the US, a rash of lynchings dismissed as suicide, politicization of a deadly… Continue reading How to (stay motivated to) Write (consistently)

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Review: The White-Luck Warrior

TLDR: R. Scott Bakker's fiction is out of this world. Someone said that the secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. Well I'm on to you Bakker. It says on the inside jacket that you study philosophy and ancient languages. Lucky for you I don't have time or inclination for those subjects.… Continue reading Review: The White-Luck Warrior

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Gordian Plot

TLDR: Unraveling high-level problems in a novel is a mess. I do not understand it, but will share my thoughts on the process nonetheless. Last Monday my critique group had a special meeting in which we discussed high-level writing concerns like plot and structure rather than our usual nose-in-the-dirt critique of individual scenes. I came… Continue reading Gordian Plot

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The Worldbuilding of Altered Carbon

TLDR: Contrast, descriptions, and single-sentence "flashbacks" can be used to build the world and character backstory. Altered Carbon has a four star review on Goodreads while also getting a lot of criticism for its graphic violence, lengthy sex scenes that contribute little to the plot, and its unabashedly male gaze. I personally enjoyed Altered Carbon,… Continue reading The Worldbuilding of Altered Carbon

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Writing Conference 2019

TLDR: Make space for your worthy work of writing, be a great rewriter, and start writing! (and other miscellaneous take-aways from a writing conference) This year I attended the University of New Mexico Continuing Education Writing Conference. Here are my take-aways from the conference. Jessica Strawser, Novelist and Editor-at-Large at Writer’s Digest, gave the keynote address… Continue reading Writing Conference 2019