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Review: Walkaway by Cory Doctorow

TLDR: The characters, politics and ideas work great. The pacing and dialogue, not so much. Walkaway, the latest book from Cory Doctorow, and the only book of his I've read is about a group of friends who join a movement opting out of the capitalist dystopia in which they live. Walkaway has an atypical rhythm.… Continue reading Review: Walkaway by Cory Doctorow

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Blade Runner: The Sanity of Depression

TLDR: Recommended reading! Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is as relevant a book as ever. I just finished reading Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep) and I was impressed. Phillip K. Dick deserves his praise. This is the third PKD book I've read after Valis and Minority Report. There's a lot of… Continue reading Blade Runner: The Sanity of Depression