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Book Review: Bauchelain and Korbal Broach

The first collected tales of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach by Steven Erikson is wild and creative ribald fantasy at its best. If you've heard of Erikson and his Malazan empire, but you've been intimidated by the massive fantasy series, then this standalone trio of novellas is exactly the read for you. …After all, my… Continue reading Book Review: Bauchelain and Korbal Broach


Book Review: Prince of Nothing & Aspect Emperor

If you like grimdark fantasy then surely you've already heard of R. Scott Bakker's trilogy: The Prince of Nothing, and subsequent quadrilogy: The Aspect Emperor. But if you like fantasy at all and you've got a strong stomach, you need to read these books. There is nothing out there that comes close to matching the… Continue reading Book Review: Prince of Nothing & Aspect Emperor

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Book Review: The Starless Sea

All vibes, no plot, but, like… REALLY high quality vibes. This book needs to be read in an old creaking library during a thunderstorm as rain and wind lash the windows. This book needs to be read in a musty, high-backed chair in front of a stone fire place with a mug of hot cider… Continue reading Book Review: The Starless Sea

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Book Review: Unrelenting

Unrelenting is a slick modern paranormal thriller with magic-in-plain-sight and a headstrong female protagonist in search of her sister. Bridget leaned out the open window of James' parked car, grateful for the fresh air. His car smelled like mildew and French fries. She tilted the side mirror so it showed the glass doors of… Continue reading Book Review: Unrelenting

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Book Review: God Stalk

God Stalk is a rambunctious and vibrant fantasy novel that was a delightful surprise to me. "Very well. With your permission, I hunt there tomorrow night…""Don't say it," Dally pleaded."…in the Tower of Demons."Men-dalis's brother put his head on the table and groaned. Outside, bells began to ring, people to shout, fireworks to explode.… Continue reading Book Review: God Stalk