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Gordian Plot

TLDR: Unraveling high-level problems in a novel is a mess. I do not understand it, but will share my thoughts on the process nonetheless. Last Monday my critique group had a special meeting in which we discussed high-level writing concerns like plot and structure rather than our usual nose-in-the-dirt critique of individual scenes. I came… Continue reading Gordian Plot

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Pitching A Novel

TLDR: Pitch tips: Rehearse for your pitch. Prepare bold and succinct descriptions of your novel ahead of time. Practice telling others about your novel. Here are my tips and takeaways from my first experience pitching a novel. In preparation for the pitch I typed up two pages: one page of notes for myself, highlighting interesting… Continue reading Pitching A Novel

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Writing Conference 2019

TLDR: Make space for your worthy work of writing, be a great rewriter, and start writing! (and other miscellaneous take-aways from a writing conference) This year I attended the University of New Mexico Continuing Education Writing Conference. Here are my take-aways from the conference. Jessica Strawser, Novelist and Editor-at-Large at Writer’s Digest, gave the keynote address… Continue reading Writing Conference 2019

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My Three Keys for Writing Success

TLDR: The three keys for writing success (or any success really): practice, seek knowledge, challenge yourself. In my opinion, there are three keys for writing success (or any success really). To grow and develop, it's best to intermingle these three activities: Practice Learn Stretch Practice is where you cement the skills you have learned. Practice… Continue reading My Three Keys for Writing Success


Amazing Stories: Winter 2018: Volume 76 Issue 2

TLDR: My biggest publication yet is available for purchase here. Publication! My short story Bold New Flock is out. Here is the cover and content reveal. You can subscribe to Amazing stories and get a digital copy. I'm not sure where physical copies can be purchased yet, but digital copies are available. I'll post a… Continue reading Amazing Stories: Winter 2018: Volume 76 Issue 2