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6 writing tips from Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart (no spoilers)

Brandon Sanderson is a prolific author of fantasy and science fiction. In this video I break down some of the most useful takeaways from his novel Steelheart. If you are at all connected to the sci-fi fantasy community, especially as a writer, you are probably familiar with Brando Sando. He is an extremely prolific… Continue reading 6 writing tips from Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart (no spoilers)

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Endings that Pop

TLDR: At best, that ending moment in which the tide turns for the protagonist is a simple action, obvious in hindsight, with profound consequences. This post is eventually going to contain major spoilers for Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker as well as Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. I'll warn you again when I get… Continue reading Endings that Pop