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Spice up conflict with “Yes, but” or “No, and”

Whenever you pose a binary question in your writing... Yes? No? Will they? Won't they? Victory? Or defeat? You have to resolve it one way or another. Looking for a "Yes but" or "No and" solution increases reader interest and can be used to develop character, raise stakes, and set up future conflict. Writers:… Continue reading Spice up conflict with “Yes, but” or “No, and”

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Did Not Finish: 2 Types of Revision

There are many different types of revision, but I'm focusing on two general categories here:Creative, expansive revision, in which scenes are fleshed out, broadened, and explored further.versusCritical, contractive revision, in which redundant and unnecessary elements are removed. She was impressed. He was smart. He knew what he was doing. Unpredictable, brave, stupid. Rena caught… Continue reading Did Not Finish: 2 Types of Revision

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Author Conversation: Marie Parks & Jessi Honard

Talented and humble co-authors of Unrelenting, Marie Parks and Jessi Honard sit down with me to talk writing, inspiration, fan fiction, and Gant charts. What's not to love? Check the video description for links to particular time stamps. Unrelenting is available here: Crew of Exiles is available here:

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6 writing tips from Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart (no spoilers)

Brandon Sanderson is a prolific author of fantasy and science fiction. In this video I break down some of the most useful takeaways from his novel Steelheart. If you are at all connected to the sci-fi fantasy community, especially as a writer, you are probably familiar with Brando Sando. He is an extremely prolific… Continue reading 6 writing tips from Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart (no spoilers)

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Book Review: Unrelenting

Unrelenting is a slick modern paranormal thriller with magic-in-plain-sight and a headstrong female protagonist in search of her sister. Bridget leaned out the open window of James' parked car, grateful for the fresh air. His car smelled like mildew and French fries. She tilted the side mirror so it showed the glass doors of… Continue reading Book Review: Unrelenting