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Gordian Plot

TLDR: Unraveling high-level problems in a novel is a mess. I do not understand it, but will share my thoughts on the process nonetheless. Last Monday my critique group had a special meeting in which we discussed high-level writing concerns like plot and structure rather than our usual nose-in-the-dirt critique of individual scenes. I came… Continue reading Gordian Plot

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Writing an Author Bio

TLDR: Today we learn, or don't learn how to write an author's bio, but at least we get to laugh at this author's past bios. The subject of this post is "How to write author bios?" This is not rhetorical, I'm asking. I'd love to hear others' thoughts and experiences, but I'll also share how… Continue reading Writing an Author Bio

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TLDR: The X-Effect can be positive for some people in some situations, but in general it's better for your vitamins than for your pleasure. At the beginning of the summer I started doing two x-effects. You can learn everything you need to know about the x-effect here. Basically it's a mechanism for habit development and… Continue reading X-Effect

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Gardening Metroid

TLDR: As a writer I'm more of a gardener than an architect. I've been enjoying gardening (writing) recently and I downloaded Super Metroid, the subject of one of my earliest fanfictions. I recently downloaded a Super Nintendo emulator for my computer and I've been hoarding games on my hard drive in anticipation of my USB… Continue reading Gardening Metroid