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Book Review: The Icarus Hunt

Timothy Zahn. You know him, you love him. He's the author of Star Wars extended universe novels and he invented Grand Admiral Thrawn… but how are his original novels? Pretty great, actually. The Icarus Hunt is straight-down-the-middle gritty scifi noir, but it works. "If this is supposed to make us feel better about trusting… Continue reading Book Review: The Icarus Hunt

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Book Review: The Martian

The Martian by Andy Weir is a fast and fun thriller about survival through hope, grit, and human ingenuity. It is packed with quite a bit of science, but give it a chance! The charm will win you over. Teddy swiveled his chair and looked out the window to the sky beyond. Night was… Continue reading Book Review: The Martian

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Author Conversation: Marie Parks & Jessi Honard

Talented and humble co-authors of Unrelenting, Marie Parks and Jessi Honard sit down with me to talk writing, inspiration, fan fiction, and Gant charts. What's not to love? Check the video description for links to particular time stamps. Unrelenting is available here: Crew of Exiles is available here:

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Book Review: A Sand County Almanac

A Sand County Almanac is a beautiful series of essays about the beauty and bounty and joy to be found in the natural world. Anyone who considers themself an environmentalist or naturalist or outdoorsman should read this book. The deer and coons had opened the frozen fruits, exposing the seeds. Doves and quail fluttered… Continue reading Book Review: A Sand County Almanac

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Book Review: Crew of Exiles

A transcendent being has been banished to human form. His exile to a depopulated Earth will drive him mad if he can't find a way out. Getting dragged along on an adventure by the last remaining Earthlings isn't exactly what he had in mind. What reviewers are saying: "Dark but wholesome" "...quests for restoration and… Continue reading Book Review: Crew of Exiles