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Book Review: Wet Hot Allosaurus Summer

It’s dinosaur erotica.

“I was a pre-med student at Berkeley and he was the alpha pod leader of a herd of diplodocid sauropods. It could never work between us, but that cold logic meant nothing when our eyes met across the swampy waters of the grove that twilight evening.”

Wet Hot Allosaurus Summer by Lola Faust

Who’s going to love this book?

Have you ever wanted to read dinosaur erotica? Well then you’re gonna love this book. There’s not really much else to say. You can see it all right there on the cover. If you like erotica and you’re like, I’m tired of vampires… sexy vampires and sexy werewolves. I need something a little more cold-blooded… yeah I know dinosaurs probably had warm… did they have warm blood? They had feathers. They evolved into birds. I don’t know. Do we know? I’m not even sure we know.

Part two: Who’s gonna hate this book?

Well, there’s not much story here. In fact there’s hardly any story at all and the story that there is is extremely disappointing. It doesn’t really conclude and then when it does conclude it concludes in really weird ways. The book is really thin and also a lot of it is just padded with if dinosaurs were writing Maxim Magazine sex tips, which sounds hilarious, but it’s kind of lackluster.

Also I should say that when I say it’s dinosaur erotica, it’s not dinosaur-on-dinosaur, it’s dinosaur-on-human, and the dinosaurs in most of the stories, they’re smart enough where they can consent, but in some of them it’s unclear. There’s some real iffy stuff about this book.

Part three: What I thought of it.

Yeah so you know I saw this book online and I thought it would be hilarious if I got this for my wife and we read it together. And at first it was. The very first story in this book is exactly what I expected from the cover. It was dinosaur erotica, right, and mostly it was pretty good until the end, which I felt was a huge letdown. But that little short story, it takes up maybe a quarter of this book, maybe less, and the rest of it is just sort of snippets and incomplete stories and the Maxim Magazine sex tip type thing I was talking about, and not very well written, and not very interesting.

So my biggest takeaway or your biggest takeaway from this video should be: book about dinosaur sex doesn’t contain nearly enough dinosaur sex, which is a weird thing to say, but that’s kind of my feelings on this.

Yeah there’s also just no story, no plot whatsoever, certainly not beyond the first little short story which is just a fraction of the book itself. So this ended up just being really disappointing.

I think there’s a lot better fan fiction out there if you’re looking for any sort of erotica. Honestly, I think a lot of fan fiction writers could write some really good fanfiction, should write some really good dinosaur erotica if they wanted. This felt like mediocre fan fiction, not very good.

A lot of the stories are also incomplete they just kind of end right in the middle. A lot of times they don’t even get to the sex. It’s like building up to having sex with dinosaurs and then you don’t get there, so dino blue balls is what you’re left with. Yeah, it’s weird. It’s weird and even for weirdness that it might have been going for, not very good. Disappointed by this one I’m afraid.

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