Crew of Exiles by Neal Holtschulte

I am thrilled by the positive advance reviews I’ve been receiving for my upcoming debut scifi adventure novel, Crew of Exiles. Check out this awesome review by Bionic Sarah. If you’re a member of NetGalley, you too can read and review Crew of Exiles before it is officially released this coming October 2022!

Bionic Sarah’s Book Blog

Published 21August 2022

An intelligent thought provoking sci fi romp .I very much enjoyed the backbone of this novel which looks deeply into what it means to be human .In a world where it is possible to become immortal by having your brain function replicated and placed into a body of your choice as many times as you need are the resultant beings truly human .Do they have more validity than an artificial intelligence
I wandered initially why the main character with pronounce he was called Beryl it seemed an odd choice Until the duality of his personality is explained.It took some time for the clues to his status were revealed the author does this cleverly by drip feeding the information as you read .At any one time you understand just enough to follow the story .The ultimate dawning was highly satisfying to the reader
I loved the way the…

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