Amazing Stories: Winter 2018: Volume 76 Issue 2

TLDR: My biggest publication yet is available for purchase here.

Publication! My short story Bold New Flock is out. Here is the cover and content reveal.

You can subscribe to Amazing stories and get a digital copy. I’m not sure where physical copies can be purchased yet, but digital copies are available. I’ll post a follow-up review of the entire magazine soon with notes on my favorite stories.

I want to thank Marie for requesting a story about “what birds will do when they rule the world” and accepting when I wrote something not at all like what she had in mind. Marie was also my first critique-er on the story. She helped me focus the plot and eliminate forced humor, instead letting the jokes arise naturally out of the quirky situation.

Shout out to my critique group, the Albuquerque Cyberscribes, my writing group that gave excellent feedback, helping me further eliminate cruft and tighten up the story.

Hopefully this will be the first of many.

In other news, I have applied to the Clarion West summer workshop and submitted a story to this Hive, Queen, and Country writing contest. Lots of recent action on the writing front!


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