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Neither beginning nor end

This is not the beginning and this is not the end.

I’m a writer getting back into the swing of writing. I’ve started attending a new critique group. I’ve got the summer ahead of me. Now I’ve got this website set up and on it I’m going to talk about writing, my process, books I’ve read, creating good opening lines, that sort of thing.

Let’s begin with past accomplishments followed by future aspirations.

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Sunrise for Souls: I’m currently looking for a buyer for this short story. Here’s the synopsis: Centuries after a failed Singularity, powerful machines and transcendent beings are mined from the ruins of an ancient civilization. The revolutionary plans of a brash miner, one screw-up away from losing his soul, are set in motion when he discovers a Ghost in the hidden depths of the mine. Obstructing his path are the local tyrant’s powerful henchmen: the suspicious foreman, the ever-watching Ghost slave, and the soul-stealing blood alchemist.
  • Bold New Flock: A more playful short story that answers the question, how will birds spend their leisure time when they rule the world. Currently looking for a buyer.
  • The Daring of Immortals: My first completed novel. I’m anxious regarding what happens next. I’ve sent it out to some friends and family to have them read and give feedback, but I’m impatient to move forward with this.
  • Various Space Adventures: I can’t get starships and laser beams out of my head. I have various stories spinning up and spinning down constantly in this genre. The furthest along is a novel called Outlaws Beyond Vela Ridge.

My Goodreads profile is full of book reviews that vacillate between gushing praise and harsh criticism. More about this later.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me, internet. I look forward to a wild and wandering path.


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